Playtime by Carol Bruguera

Easy care hair for kids
We've seen the collections of the latest trends in women's hairstyles, and we even see lots of collections of men's hairstyles (though never as many as for women). But the group that is usually least represented is children, and Carol Bruguera is stepping up to the plate and taking this dearth to heart.
In her collection called "Playtime" we have a half-dozen boys and girls sporting looks that are trendy, fun and that look easy-care. These should please parents and tykes alike.

Little Boys Haircuts

Short haircuts for little boys
These two boys are sporting short layered haircuts that have similarities, but create different looks overall.
Hairstyle 1 is short and tapered on the sides and in the back to a longer top length. The top section is textured with a razor-tool to create choppy, chunky effects in the layers that are accentuated by the styling and products used. The hair can be blow-dried with a styling gel and then plied with a pomade to create the random, slightly spiky look in the hair.
Hairstyle 2 is another layered look that is razor-cut and also has choppy layering. The razor-cut fringe creates a light and wispy edge to the hair and shapes the whole of the hair into a lacy-edged cap that frames the face perfectly. Style the hair using a blow-out and vent brush or the fingers with a light-weight product like mousse.

Boy and Girl with Classic Haircuts

Classic haircuts for little boys and girls
This boy and girl are cute as can be and rockin' classic haircuts with updated twists.
Hairstyle 1 has our hero sporting a classic 1970s shag cut updated by razor-cut ends to soften the look of the style. The fringe is long (eye level) and the central parting gives the look a symmetry that emphasizes the texture of the hair. Style this look using a blow-dryer and brush with a styling gel and follow up with a touch of smoothing serum on the fingers and raked through the hair to smooth fly-away strands and give some definition to the locks at the ends.
Hairstyle 2 is a simple bob cut fully blunt with a narrow fringe zone that is crafted with a curved notch in the center of the forehead. The center parting gives the hair symmetry and the clean lines are perfect to balance the roundness of the childhood features. Style the look using a blow-dryer and flat brush with a soft-hold product and smoothing serum. Follow this up with a pass through a flat iron to smooth the locks.

Large Curls for Little Girls

Hairstyle with large curls for little girls
Sometimes you just can mess with the pretty locks. This long-hair little girl has her hair lightly layered to soften the ends and keep the bulk of the hair in balance. The styling is a matter of large curls rolled off base to prevent too much vertical lift, while giving some body and visual interest to the main portions of the hair.
Style this hairstyle yourself using large hair setting tools followed by a comb-out with the fingers to keep the curls as intact as possible. Finish with a light mist of hair spray and a gentle scrunch.

Neck-Length Little Girls Hairstyle

Neck-length hairstyle for little girls
This neck-length cut is a layered look designed to enhance the natural curl in this auburn-haired little girl's hairstyle. The fringe zone is kept from brow to brow and is a thin slice as opposed to a large region of the forehead. This keeps the bangs light and sheer without needing excessive texturing.
The sides and back are evenly layered and follow what is mostly a longer circle cut pattern. This helps to allow the curl to remain balanced, provide visual interest and creates a terrific look to frame the face and counter-point the smooth features of the young face.
Hair: Carol Bruguera