Circle Cut for Kids How To

Circle cut for little girls hair
One of the first cuts taught to any hairdressing student is the circle cut. In many senses, it is one of the cuts upon which most every other cut is built.
By cutting the hair using a traveling guide, we create uniform length and layers all around the scalp. It is extremely versatile and can be cut to any length desired.
It works especially well with normal to thick, coarse and medium textured hair; particularly when the hair has some measure of body and little wave.
When cutting the circle cut, determine whether or not you want a defined fringe (bangs). If you want, you can make the fringe the same length as the main body of the hair, or you can cut the fringe shorter and use a different length to guide your cuts on the remainder of the head.
Cut the perimeter of the hair first, starting in the back and working from side to side. Then you can begin cutting the layers by starting at the bottom and working your way up.
Hold the hair straight out from the head and cut it perpendicular to the direction the hair is held. This means that the lengths along the bottom will be cut with the scissors pointing upward (or downward) and the top sections will be cut with the scissors parallel to the floor.
Take segments of the hair that has already been cut to guide you in cutting the rest of the hair as you work your way to the top of the head.
How to cut a circle cut for kids
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