Hairstyles for Little Boys

With so many different haircuts for boys these days, it can be tricky to choose the right hairstyle for your kid. A little boy deserves a good haircut too! Should you keep his hair short, medium length or long? Scroll down for plenty of inspiration for hairstyles for little boys, pre-schoolers and toddlers!
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  • Short hairstyle with layers and tapering for little boys
  • Short haircut with choppy layering and a razor-cut fringe for little boys
  • Classic 1970s inspired shag with a long fringe for boys
  • Short spiky hairstyle with razor cutting for little boys
  • Little boys haircut with interior layering and texture
  • Boys haircut with simple styling that lasts all day
  • Dreadlocks hairstyle for boys
  • Hairstyle with uniform layers for boys with curls
  • Easy haircut with smooth styling for boys
  • Casual and easy to maintain haircut for boys
  • Layered haircut with a traditional perimeter line for little boys
  • Devil-lock hairstyle with short sides and nape for boys
  • 1970s inspired shag hairsyle for young boys
  • Little boys hairstyle with lifted top hair and gel styling
  • Little boys hairstyle with short sides and a long fringe
  • Short and clean little boys hair styled with gel
  • Mohawk haircut with short buzzed sides for kids
  • Surfer look with almost shoulder length hair for young boys
  • Short low maintenance haircut for black boys
  • Short textured haircut for boys who are wearing glasses
  • Good short haircut for boys with unruly hair
  • Hairstyle for toddler with curly hair
  • Trendy haircut with short sides for young boys
  • Low maintenance haircut with a short fringe for small children
  • Easy care hairstyle for boys with thick hair
  • Medium length low maintenance haircut for young boys
  • Neat haircut with a dynamic fringe for little boys
  • Very short haircut for boys with hair that stands up
  • Traditional boys haircut with short sides
  • Punk hairstyle with spikes for little boys
  • Boys haircut with longer top hair and a short fringe
  • Trendy low maintenance haircut for little boys
  • Rocker haircut with short cropped sides for young boys
  • Haircut for boys with natural curls
  • Mullet inspired haircut for young boys
  • Comfortable short haircut for toddlers
  • Modern haircut for boys with glasses
  • Short and practical haircut for boys
  • Medium length haircut with covered ears for boys
  • Classic haircut with clipper cut sides and nape for boys
  • Bowl haircut for little boys
  • Fauxhawk hairstyle for young boys
  • Punk haircut with spiky top hair for boys

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