Pixie Cut for Girls How To

Pixie cut for little girls
In some cases, the best option for a little girl's hair is the pixie cut. This cut is especially good for little girls with thick, wavy hair.
The cut is generally chosen in warmer months and is ideal for girls who are prone to being tomboys, or who enjoy lots of physical activities, like dance, gymnastics, and other athletic pursuits.
The pixie cut doesn't necessarily need to be super-short on top of the head, it can create something of a mop-top look in many cases.
However, it should be noted that unlike, bowl-cuts or the Purdy cut, the pixie cut is heavily layered and often features choppy texturing of the layers to enhance the look of the cut.
The hair should be cut by combing the perimeter upward to the parietal ridge and cutting the hair in order to created elongated layers. The top and crown sections are then cut in "circle-cut" fashion in order to create uniform layers.
Follow-up on the layering by using a point-cutting technique to cut notches into the ends of the hair and give the hair a choppy, textured look.
How to cut a pixie cut for girls
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