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Small But Tricky

J.7 Kids Hairstyles Collection

  • long wavy hair for a little girl
  • young girl with a long hairstyle
  • girl with long frizzy hair
  • haircut for a little girl with large curls
  • short hairstyle for a small boy
  • little rascal haircut
  • medium long hair for a sporty boy
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Hairstyles for children have several levels of being tricky. Dealing with the awakening fashion consciousness of your kids and balancing their wants with your need for easy maintenance and uncomplicated styling is one. Their at times challenging hair texture is another.
How to manage long, curly, extremely frizzy or fine hair and turn it into hairstyles that kids love and the parents can live with is answered in part by this small collection by J.7 kids that will give you some inspiration to find and create the perfect look for and with your youngsters as well. They will thank you for it.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub
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