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Classic hairstyles for kids
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It's not often that we see hairstyle collections tailored for kids, but the artistic team at J.7 in Germany has done just that. They have not only introduced a series of kid-friendly hairstyles, but have managed to take some classic looks for kids and updated them with modern styling and texturing techniques.
The styles will certainly appeal to today's kids who are far more media savvy than most adults were at their ages, and thus are far more in tune with current trends regarding style and fashion.

Curls for Girls

Hairstyle for little girls with curly hair
Little girls with natural curls are often considered the luckiest creatures in the world. But how do you keep one "curly-haired girl" from looking like every other one? You do it by cutting the hair with shallow layers and drying it with a light styling product and scrunching the hair to maximize the volume.
The finished look is carefully crafted to make the hair look tousled. The large, swirling strands are crisply defined and whipped into a cloud of spun gold strands around the head. It's a look that says, "I play hard, and I look good while I do it."

Layered Cut for Little Boys

Long layered haircut for little boys
For generations, little boys were given very few choices in looks as they grew older. For most of us, it was either "short back and sides" or a "bowl cut". Today's pint-sized man has more choices. As the length of men's hair in general has become less strictly dictated, the lengths at which boys and men wear their hair has grown to suit many different styles.
Here we see a layered cut, with a traditional perimeter line, only longer. The interior layering is razor-cut and slightly choppy. Styling is casually blow-dried with forward directional focus. Use a dab of smoothing serum or pomade raked through the hair to add definition and smooth any "fuzzy" areas.

Bob for a Little Girl

Shoulder-length bob cut for little girls
This shoulder-length bob style is perfect for the "grown-up little girl". You know her. She always acts like she's the mom of the other little kids and always takes everything so seriously - even playtime.
The ends of the hair are softened with a razor. The hair is blown straight with smoothing product, cleanly parted using a curved line along the left side and flipped gently outward at the bottom.
The simple hairstyle appeals to the "not too fussy" preferences of the "grown-up little girl", and still offers the option to style the hair more elaborately when necessary, and to pull the hair back when desired.

Devil-lock Hairstyle for Boys

Modern hairstyle for boys
The devil-lock style is in many ways the opposite of the classic mullet haircut. The adage of "party in the back, business in front" is reversed in this look. The sides and nape area are cut with short layers, following the hairline in clean, crisp cutting lines. The hair in the crown and top sections is also layered, but the lengths gradually increase as you transit from the back to the fringe area.
The layers are razor-cut, leaving the finish soft and edgy. A simple blow-dry with a light, wax-based styling product allow the hair to be controlled and still remain malleable and have movement. It also allows the fingers to be used to add definition at will.

Pigtails for Little Girls

Hairdo with pigtails for little girls
It's an iconic image as the "pretty little girl in pigtails". And below a certain age it is almost expected that pigtails will be worn. However, these pigtails have a lot more "oomph!" than traditional pigtails. They likely start with at least wavy hair, that's probably shoulder length.
The front edge of the forehead is parted off-center, and the hair is gathered into two separate tails at the rear corners of the head. Curl is added to each tail, followed by careful backcombing to increase the volume, without making the hair too fuzzy. The finished tails resemble bunnies’ tails more than pigs’, but are no less cute for that fact.

Long Layered Hairstyle for Little Girls

Long hair style for little girls with fine hair
This style is the solution for those mothers whose daughters have masses of fine, silky hair that seems destined to find its way out of any confines, be they barrette, clip or band. The hairstyle is long and layered with a razor tool, focusing on layers around the face and in the lower third of the length.
The hair is parted in a broken parting and blown-dry with a large round brush to create gentle curves in the hair. Styling product (likely one that is light but wax-based to add texture) is incorporated to make sure the hair doesn't frizz or become too fly-away.

Short Hair for Little Girls

Short bob for active little girls
At first glance, the idea here seems to be a perfect style for a tomboy, which is unfair, because although the hair is shorter, it isn't unfeminine. The short, rounded bob, with an angled fringe IS ideal for the active girl.
But simple additions, such as a ribbon or Alice band, can transform the simple, semi-gamine cut into a cute style reminiscent of Snow White. The hairstyle is perfect for those young ladies with thick, mostly straight hair, as it leaves the hair easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

Shag for Young Boys

Shag haircut for young boys
In a throwback to the mid-70s, the shag hairstyle is making a comeback for guys. And even young boys can take advantage of the vintage look. This layered cut is executed using a razor tool, and its overall length falls to the chin area. The interior of the hair is heavily layered with a choppy texture, and the fringe is ultra-soft and wispy.
Styling is a matter of firm hold styling product and a blow-dry technique using a small barrel round brush to carefully turn out the ends of the layers. A tiny amount of smoothing serum can be used to smooth the areas that may need it, and to add definition to the layers.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub
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