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Kidz Rock

J.7 Kids Hairstyles Collection

It's not often that we see hairstyle collections tailored for kids, but the artistic team at J.7 in Germany has done just that. They have not only introduced a series of kid-friendly hairstyles, but have managed to take some classic looks for kids and updated them with modern styling and texturing techniques.
  • hairstyle for a girl with curly hair
  • hairstyle for a little boy
  • bob for a little girl
  • modern hairstyle for boys
  • pigtails for a little girl
  • long hair for little girls
  • short bob for a girl
  • shag for young boys
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The styles will certainly appeal to today's kids who are far more media savvy than most adults were at their ages, and thus are far more in tune with current trends regarding style and fashion.
Hair: J.7 artistic team
Photography: Vlado Golub
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