Child by Carol Bruguera

Children's hairstyles
In a further look at children's hairstyles, Carol Bruguera brings us "Child", a collection of haircuts and looks for kids that focus on texture and simplicity. The boys' looks are traditionally short and feature modern elements to bring them up-to-date and give easy-care looks.
For the girls, the styles stay girly. Soft layers and cuts that enhance the hair's natural wave pattern, and even a partial up-style for the little girl who likes to feel extra special. All in all, these hairstyles should offer something for every parent and child to avoid that age-old battle over how the kid's hair will look.

Short Spiky Hairstyle for Boys

Spiky short haircut for little boys
This little imp has his short layers heavily textured with deep razor strokes. This creates a series of slim, needle-like points that are then randomized all over the head in a controlled chaos effect. The sides are cut super short (possibly with clippers) and the top section and crown are left significantly longer (perhaps 2.5-3.5 inches). Once the base cut is finished, the razor tool can be used to create deep sweeps from the inside out and form these light, wispy tendrils.
The hairstyle is formed using a blow-dryer (diffused due to the fine texture of the hair) and a sculpting paste or pomade. Once mostly dry (and firm due to the product) the hair can be tousled and tweaked to your desired arrangement - or simply swipe your fingers through the hair and let him go. It's that easy.

Short Haircut for Boys

Short layered hair with spiky styling for little boys hair
Our tough-guy for the day is another fan of the short layered look, although this haircut is not as short as its predecessor. The perimeter of the cut is blocked off, meaning that there is a definitive edge to the hairstyle all around the head instead of the hair tapering to the scalp. The result is a more solid-looking style with a lot of interior layering and texture.
Speaking of the interior layering, this is kept comparably long and uniform all over the scalp, with only slightly shorter lengths at the sides and back near the bottom. These interior layers are point cut afterward to create the chippy look that allows for the spiky styling. This look too can be created using a blow-dryer and pomade or styling paste, and is tweaked with a touch more product at the end of the process.

Curly Shag Cut for Girls

Curly shag haircut for little girls
This adorable ginger-haired girl is sporting a classic shag haircut that perfectly suits her curly locks. The short layers at the top and crown merge into longer layers along the sides, provide balance to the silhouette, and prevent the dreaded pyramid effect common with curly hair grown longer. The layers are textured softly with a razor tool and the fringe forms a soft frame around the forehead.
While the general rule is against using a razor tool on curly hair, this child's curls are large and soft and respond well to the razor's use. The softened layers allow for a carved and carefully-tailored look. Styling consists of a blow-out using a round brush to feather the carved curls. Dry the hair to a mostly dry state, and use a light styling product on the ends of the hair to provide smoothness and definition to the curls.

Short Layered Haircut for Boys

Short layered hairstyle for little boys
Once again we see a short layered haircut for this little boy, that differs in that the sides are wedge-cut over the ears and the sides and back are tapered only slightly, keeping to short possibly-clipper-cut lengths. The top and crown are only slightly longer, and the entire head is textured using a point-cutting technique. The angle of the points is steep and helps to remove bulk as well as add definition to the locks when styled.
Speaking of which, the styling for this boy's hairstyle can be super simple as all you need to do is to towel-dry the hair very thoroughly and apply a moderate amount of styling gel. Use the fingers or a comb (or a combination of the two) to arrange the hair as desired and allow it to dry naturally. The result is a look that will last all day and can be refreshed with a little spritz of water.

Soft Razor Cut for Girls

Long razor cut hair for little girls
Our little glamour girl here sports a silky, soft razor-cut that's reminiscent of the "Rachel" haircut. The differences are obvious: instead of a long fringe and staged layers, the fringe here is curved and asymmetrical and the layers are more even and frame the face more closely.
The haircut is razor created, and the styling consists of blow-drying with a round brush to form the soft, smooth curves in the hair. Use a light hold styling product with smoothing serum during styling. The girl's hair can be finished using a flat iron to give the locks a sleek look and a more pronounced bend at the ends.

Girl with Spiraling Curls

Blonde little girls hair with spiral curls
Very little in this world is more appealing than a little girl with a head full of spiraling curls. It's a look that many women pay hundreds of dollars a year to get and maintain. The haircut is simple: long layers, evenly distributed to balance the bulk in the hair, and possible thinning using a wide-tooth shears if needed to remove bulk in target areas.
Styling is even simpler: blow-dry the hair to "mostly dry" using a diffuser attachment and lightly mist with spray gel then scrunch the hair using the fingers to give the curl definition and spread the gel through the hair. Allow the hair to finish drying naturally for a long-lasting, frizz-free, curly style.

Partial Up-Style for Little Girls

Up-style for little girls
Here's another long-haired girl with plenty of natural curl. The hair is cut with long layers to distribute the bulk of the curl, and the styling is a simple, partial up-style. The hair of the top is swept smoothly to the right side and both are brought back around the skull to the crown. The left side is treated the same and these sections meet in the center crown section where they are secured into a simple twisted knot.
The ends of the hair are left to fall loosely and merge with the hair in the back and nape sections. The curls can be styled as normal before the up-style portion is executed, and you can finish the hairstyle by using a curling wand to redirect any curls deemed necessary, or even add targeted curls if desired.

Modern Hairstyle for Girls

Modern haircut with layers for little girls
Last, but not least, among these young girls hairstyles is another razor cut with two-tiered layering. The fringe section - such as there is - is approximately two inches wide, and the remainder of the hair framing the face is left to fall to chin level. The outer stage of the layering turns inward at the neck, while the inner stage curves outward at the shoulders.
The result is a silky-looking hairstyle with clean, smooth lines. Styling the hair uses a light styling product, and a blow-out with a diffused dryer and large round brush. Finish up with a dab of smoothing serum to give the locks a polished glow.
Hair: Carol Bruguera