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Carol Bruguera

In a further look at children's hairstyles, Carol Bruguera brings us "Child", a collection of haircuts and looks for kids that focus on texture and simplicity. The boys' looks are traditionally short and feature modern elements to bring them up-to-date and give easy-care looks.
  • spiky haircut for boys
  • spiky look for boys hair
  • girl with a curly shag haircut
  • short boys hairstyle
  • girls hairstyle
  • girls with curls
  • up-style for little girls
  • modern haircut for little girls
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For the girls, the styles stay girly. Soft layers and cuts that enhance the hair's natural wave pattern, and even a partial up-style for the little girl who likes to feel extra special. All in all, these hairstyles should offer something for every parent and child to avoid that age-old battle over how the kid's hair will look.
Hair: Carol Bruguera
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