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Various Hair Questions (2)

Is a hairdresser who is good at cutting not so good at coloring hair?
Is a human hair half wig a better choice than a human hair full wig?
Is a "waver' the same thing as a triple barrel?
Is it a good idea to start a kids only hair salon?
Is it dangerous to bend your hair backwards over a shampoo bowl?
Is it ok to compliment a woman on her new hairstyle?
Is it safe to get a haircut with scalp zits?
Is it true that long hair and bangs can make acne worse?
Is it true that you should not believe everything a hairdresser tells you?
Is my ponytail causing neck and upper back pain?
Is there a treatment to permanently thin or lighten hair on your arms?
I suffer with dermatitis. What can I do to minimize the problem?
My eyebrows are now lighter than my hair color. How can I reverse this?
My hair looks completely wrong after a cosmetologist thinned it too much.
Should I stop hiding my face behind my hair?
Should I tell my current hairdresser when I want to move on to a new stylist?
The hairstylist cut my hair uneven. Should I expect to be charged for a correction?
What are the best clothes to wear as a female hair stylist?
What are the origins of the following haircuts: full layers, square and round layers?
What can I do to lighten my badly tinted eyebrows?
What does the term "two-fisted ponytail" mean?
What do ions have to do with cosmetology?
What do you call a professional person who just removes hair?
What do you recommend to get petroleum jelly out of hair?
What happens to the hair that ends up on the floor in hair salons?
What is a Feng Shui haircut?
What is a patch test and how do you do this test?
What is a strand test and can you tell me how to do a strand test?
What is the day of the week and time for a hair salon visit?
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