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Two-Fisted Ponytail

Q: I often hear the term 'two-fisted' when referring to ponytails of thick-haired persons but I haven't found an explanation for the term. What does this mean? (e.g - 'A two-fisted ponytail'.)
A: A two-fisted ponytail is basically a term referring to the fact that some women (or men) have hair that is so thick and bulky that it takes two hands to maneuver it into a ponytail. The exact etymology is vague and has been attributed to different cultures. (Some stories claim that it’s actually a term from horse grooming.)
So, if you have very thick, very coarse hair, you may indeed have a “two-fisted” ponytail. You simply have to remember that “thickness” of the hair refers to the hair’s density, i.e. the number of hairs per square inch of scalp. Meanwhile the “texture” of the hair refers to the actual physical diameter of the individual hair strand, and is classified as either “coarse”, “fine”, or “medium”.
Wave pattern also plays a factor, in that the amount of wave in the hair adds bulk. Therefore, a man or woman who has hair that is coarse (large strands), thick (closely packed) and wavy could easily have a “two-fisted ponytail”.
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