Girl pointing out where your cheekbones are
Where your cheekbones are - Photo: Dean Drobot via Canva
Q: What and where are the cheekbones of a person and why are cheekbones important? Are high cheekbones prettier and more attractive than low cheekbones?
A: The cheekbones are bones in the upper part of the face, below and lateral to the eye sockets and extending out from the face. There is one cheekbone underneath each eye, and they are an important part of the anatomy of the face. Other names for the cheekbones are malar bones and zygomatic bones.
A quick and easy way to see your own cheekbones is looking at yourself in the mirror and making a fish face by sucking your cheeks. When the highest part of your cheekbones is close to your eyes or the top (the bridge) of your nose, you have what is called high cheekbones. Low cheekbones are closer to the bottom of your nose (the nostrils).
Your cheekbones are one of the most important parts of your face, and they can make or break your appearance. Your cheekbones determine your face shape and therefore also your appearance and the first impression people get of you. People form this impression very quickly, in 100 milliseconds or faster. This first impression determines people's attitude towards a person. It determines, subconsciously, whether people find someone attractive, reliable, dominant, submissive,...
Girl making a fish face to find her cheekbones
Making a fish face - Photos: Billion Photos via Canva
Whether high cheekbones are more attractive than low cheekbones is a matter of personal taste. Some people like high cheekbones, others are attracted to faces with low cheekbones. In some cultures, high and prominent cheekbones are considered very attractive, in others they are not.
It is a fact that high cheekbones are considered to be one of the beauty ideals. But don't let this mislead you. Different people are attracted to different things. Someone may find you attractive when you have low cheekbones and then less attractive if you use makeup or a certain haircut to make your cheekbones look higher. Be yourself and emphasize your natural beauty. This is the best strategy to look and feel good.
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