Various Hair Questions (3)

Tools for a hair stylist
What is the best way to store and preserve a cut ponytail?
What is the difference between a barber and a hairdresser?
What is the difference between having your hair styled and having it shaped?
What is the technique called when the stylist is burning of the ends of hair?
What should I do to avoid getting awful haircuts all the time?
Where and how can I learn wig making?
Where can I find a jeweled wire type headband of the type Sandra Bullock was wearing in 28 Days?
Where can I find octopus clips to keep my long hair out of the way?
Where did the piggy tail and the pony tail get their names for girls hairstyles?
Where does the word barber come from?
Who creates new and upcoming hair trends?
Why are so many good hairdressers gay?
Why are so many hairdressers standing on a rubber mat when cutting hair?
Why are women so nervous when they get a substantial haircut and change their look?
Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin?
Why do girls often cut their hair off when breaking up with a boyfriend?
Why do men prefer long hair on women?
Why do most hairdressers wear black?
Why do pregnant women cut their hair short??
Why do so many female hairdressers have short hair?
Why do so many girls have a love-hate relationship with their hair?
Why do so many women have hair nightmares?
Why do we have hair on our head?
Why do women keep going to the same hairdresser, even when she doesn't know how to cut hair?
Why is hair such an emotional thing?
Why is it that elderly women often have permed hairstyles with a strange color?
Why won’t a hairdresser cut your hair when you have lice?
Will wearing shiny clothes make my hair look shinier too?
Would I offend the hairdresser if I film the hair styling process?
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