What to Wear to a Hair Appointment

Woman at a hair salon appointment
Q: This might seem like a silly question, but what clothing is best for a woman when she has an appointment at the hair salon?
A: As a hairstylist, I'm glad you're asking this question. When you get your hair cut or colored, it's good to think about the clothing you wear during your visit to the salon. The clothes you wear can influence the quality of the haircut. And when hair dye or other chemical products are used, it's advisable to wear appropriate clothing. Although there's no specific salon dress code, it's still wise to be well-prepared.
Choosing the right clothing can be a tricky decision. There are various factors to consider, and what you plan to do just before or after the haircut will also influence your clothing choice. I'd be happy to go through all the possibilities and points to consider with you.
During the Haircut
It's not a good idea to wear a turtleneck during a haircut. A soft turtleneck with a collar that isn't too high won't immediately cause problems. However, stiff turtlenecks with a very high collar are a nightmare for many hairstylists. Some hair professionals are skilled at folding turtlenecks inward, but most struggle with it. So, it's better to avoid them as much as possible.
What you absolutely must avoid are hoodies (sweaters with a hood). They pose a real problem during haircuts. The hood will create a bulge under the cape. Not only does it not look nice, but that's the least of the problem. This bulge will, however, make your hair fall unnaturally and can mislead the hairstylist during the haircut. As a result, your hair may not be cut properly. This isn't an immediate problem with short hair, but for long hair, the consequences can be disastrous.
Avoid thick woolen clothing. Tiny cut hair strands can get stuck in the wool, and this is something you absolutely want to avoid. It not only doesn't look nice, but it can also be challenging to remove the hair from the wool. Normally, the cape should protect your woolen sweater, but that protection is never entirely foolproof, and some hairs still find their way to your clothes.
A sweater or T-shirt with a round neckline or a V-neck is a good choice. They don't get in the way; the cape can nicely follow the natural shape of your body, and the fall of your hair remains natural. These are ideal conditions for cutting hair, and your hairstylist will be thankful.
Woman wearing a buttoned shirt or blouse and a hair salon cape
A shirt or blouse with a collar that can be nicely laid flat is also a good choice. They are not as ideal as a sweater or T-shirt with a round neckline or a V-neck, but they won't bother your hairstylist too much. An additional advantage of a shirt or blouse with a row of buttons at the front is that you can easily change your clothes after the haircut without having to pull a sweater over your freshly cut and styled hair.
Also, remember to remove your earrings. It's also better to take off heavy necklaces to avoid forming a small bump under the cape.
During Coloring
It shouldn't happen, and it also doesn't happen often, but during hair coloring, things can go wrong. The same applies to the use of all other chemical products on your hair. The cape essentially protects your clothing, but accidents can happen quickly.
Never wear new clothes when getting your hair dyed. Stains from hair dye and other chemical products are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. It would be unfortunate if you had to throw away a nice piece of clothing due to an accident during coloring.
It's better to wear older clothing that is still nice enough, but you know it won't be a disaster if something goes wrong. You'll feel more relaxed during hair coloring, and your stylist will also be able to work more comfortably knowing you're not in your brand-new outfit.
Woman wearing a turtleneck and a hair salon cape
Also, keep in mind that once the hair dye is applied, you can't put on any more clothing over your head. You'll have to wait until the processing time is over, and the hair dye is rinsed out. What you have on stays on until the end of the coloring. So, make sure your clothing is not too warm or too cold.
A coloring session can sometimes last a long time. Two hours or more is not uncommon for certain coloring techniques. Therefore, ensure that you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to sit in the salon chair without any problems for an extended period.
Respect Your Clothing Style
Especially when choosing an entirely new hairstyle, it's essential that the hairdresser knows your favorite clothing style. Based on the above tips, you might be inclined to wear older clothes that are quite different from the style you currently wear. Don't fall into that trap!
Ensure that the clothing you wear during a haircut is a good reflection of your style. If this is not possible because you prefer to wear old clothes, thoroughly inform the stylist about your current style and also the colors you like and wear frequently.
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