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Feng Shui Haircut

Q: There was a haircut mentioned on TV (they did not pronounce it well) sounded like funchway or funksway. Please tell me what it is and where to get it. Thanks.
A: The term you are referring to is Feng Shui (pronounced “fung-shway”) and is an ancient Chinese method of introducing harmony and balance into one’s life. Here in the US, there was a broadcast on a national television networks early morning weekend show featuring a story about Feng Shui Haircuts. Similar reports have appeared on local news programs and other national shows since that time.
Feng Shui In the article, the “Feng Shui” cut was being performed at Sullo Salon in Ft. Lauderdale. However, the broadcast was in January of 2003 (3 years ago as of this point in time) so there may be other salons who now offer this service.
The idea is that by using the information gathered in a short questionnaire or interview, the feng shui consultant learns about your personality and lifestyle and uses the Chinese principles of design and elements to give you a flattering, and harmonious look.
That’s the standard explanation.
Now, let’s touch on the controversy. Traditional Feng Shui consultants argue over the validity of all these new applications of the Chinese Art. Traditional Feng Shui espouses two varieties and they involve only one’s environment (i.e. interior or exterior design/architecture). These are YANG House Feng Shui which deals with the environment surrounding, unseen energy patterns within and the people occupying the buildings we live and work in. The other is YIN House Feng Shui that deals with gravesites.
According to research on various websites via Google, the craze of “Feng Shui Haircuts” originated with Billy Yamaguchi, who can now be found in La Quinta, California at the La Quinta Resort and Club offering his Feng Shui Haircut (includes consultation, no price listed). Apparently the craze has spread, and become popular among many celebrities. Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, Jerri Hall, reportedly still visits a stylist named Michael Motorcycle for a “life-altering haircut”.
I usually hesitate to make disparaging comments about these types of things, but it does appear that getting a good haircut that works well with a person’s lifestyle and hair type is something every stylist wants to give. The use of “Feng Shui” seems like so much of a marketing gimmick, and an excuse to charge a lot of money for a haircut.
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