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Eyebrows Color

Q: I have dark hair and have always had dark eyebrows! Recently my eyebrows have changed color to a much lighter brown color. Why is this and is there anything I can do to reverse this effect?
A: I honestly can't say for sure why this is except to note that there could be a few different reasons. You may be experiencing a lightening of the brows due to exposure to sunlight and bleaching from the UV rays, or you could simply be dealing with your body's genetics at play, dictating that the color of your facial hair is going to be lighter as you get older.
I'm afraid the only real solution to this is to either match your hair color to your brows, if you want to go that route, or to use hair dye to VERY CAREFULLY color your brows to match your hair color.
woman coloring the hairs of her eyebrows

For many women who experience this, the option to color their brows takes a less permanent form. They simply use a brown mascara or eyebrow pencil to color the hairs of the brow to the more traditional shade. Using the cosmetic approach will take some practice, I am sure, but a stylist or aesthetician at your local salon could show you some common techniques to achieving the look you want and restoring the darkness of your brows.
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