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Remove Petroleum Gelly from Hair

Q: Ok, so my four-year-old daughter likes to play dress-up and watch me do my usual beauty routine. However, she decided to use the petroleum jelly - that I rub on my heels and elbows at night - to do her hair and now it's a greasy mess. I've shampooed it half-a-dozen times and it still looks greasy. What do you recommend?
A: Well, first of all, you want to get something to absorb the grease allowing you to get it out of the hair. The first choice is cornstarch. Sprinkle the cornstarch into the hair liberally, until all the hair is coated with it. Then, follow up by using a diffused blow dryer on low heat to warm the hair and scalp with the cornstarch. This will help the cornstarch soak up as much of the petroleum jelly as possible. Follow this by applying clarifying shampoo to the hair while still dry and letting it sit for a few minutes.
When ready to do so, use warm water to gently lather the hair and rinse out the cornstarch and shampoo. Repeat the shampooing process and then dry the hair. If necessary, you can repeat the process again, but be sure to condition afterward to avoid over-drying the hair.
As an alternative, some people prefer using a degreasing product such as certain dish washing liquids. If you choose to use this kind of cleanser, be sure to follow with a good conditioner, to avoid damaging the hair.
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