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Waver & Triple Barrel

Q: Is a "waver' the same thing as a triple barrel? I have a triple barrel but my hair doesn't look like the actress'! I was wondering because I checked out how to buy one, and I couldn't tell if there was a difference between the waver and the triple barrel.
A: Ok, there are many different styles and designs of "waver" on the market these days.
I have seen everything from the more classic "triple-barrel" iron, to those with five barrels and even those models that use heated curved plates inserted into a convertible flat iron tool. I have no way of knowing which actress you are referring to, and certainly not what tool was used to style her hair.
Revlon RVTH300 Deep Waver

There is also the matter of actual use of the item. Many different styling tools can be used in different ways to create different effects. Some multi-barrel tools are used by winding the hair loosely around the exterior of the barrels and passing the iron through the hair repeatedly to create long, smooth curves, or by weaving locks of hair through the barrels to create more intricate waves.
I would love to be able to advise you as the specific reason for the difference you are encountering, but unless I know specifically the look you are trying to achieve, I am at a loss to do so.
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