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Human Hair Half Wig

Q: Is a human hair half wig really a better choice than a human hair full wig?
A: It depends on your goals for the wig. If you are looking for a wig that will be easier to care for and fairly durable, and you are happy with the style and color selections available, then a human hair half wig can provide you with a less-costly solution to your wig needs. You just have to keep in mind that the synthetic portion of the wig means you cannot change the color and that changing the styling is not going to be easy.
Wig - Jaclyn Smith for Paula Young

A human hair half wig refers to a wig that is made with 50% human hair, and 50% synthetic fibers. This type of wig has the benefit of looking more realistic, and being somewhat easier to care for, but is severely limited in its ability to be restyled, and it cannot be recolored.
So, if you want a wig that will allow you to treat it just like your real hair - changing the style and color periodically to suit your desires, then you do not want a human hair half wig, but if what you need is a real-looking hairpiece that can be cared for more easily than either "full-fiber" wig versions, you may be happy with this wig.
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