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Hair Cut Uneven

Q: I got my haircut recently and my hair is straight. The hairstylist - who is someone I know outside of her salon - cut my hair uneven (one side is longer then the other). My question is, she told me to come back into the salon for her to fix it, should I expect to be charged again and do I need to tip her again? Thank you.
A: Well, even the best stylist in the business can have an off day, or make a mistake when cutting the hair. I'm sure the stylist feels terrible about the error, and genuinely wants to make it up to you. Whether or not you want to go back to her and let her try to resolve the situation is entirely your call.
hair cut uneven

You state that you know her outside of the salon, and I would imagine that this will be a factor in your decision. If you have been seeing her regularly as your stylist, going back to her would seem to be the appropriate thing to do.
On the other hand, if you were just seeing her on a "one time" or "trial" basis, and you feel that the mistake was a result of inexperience or ineptitude, then you are perfectly justified in telling you that you appreciate the offer, but that you've made other arrangements in the matter.
The bottom line is this: if you plan to utilize her professional services again, you should give her the opportunity to correct the haircut to your satisfaction. I do not think you should be expected to pay her for a second haircut, as long as you return to her in a timely manner.
If for some reason she does charge you for the "correction" I would make a point of not giving her a tip. Otherwise, I think offering her a tip for the correction would be a nice gesture.
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