Styling Hair Q&A (4)

Should you add hairspray before or after you style your hair?
The ends of my hair always turn upward.
There's a burning smell when I use my curling iron. Can you help?
What after-care advice can you give for maintaining and taking down an up-style?
What can I do about hair that flips up and out at its ends in the back?
What can I do to add height to my crown with my round face?
What can I do to keep my hair out of my face?
What can I do to make my hair more flexible without using lots of gel?
What did my hairdresser do to make my layers flip out so beautifully?
What do I need to do to get more body in my flat lifeless thin hair?
What exactly is a blowout?
What is a diffuser for and how should I use it?
What is the best choice, an ionic or a ceramic hair dryer?
What is the best round brush for blowouts?
What is the scientific explanation behind women's hair getting ruined by rain?
What product should I use to make my hair droop down?
What products can I use to weigh my hair down when growing it out?
What techniques can I use to spare me from having to use styling tools?
What type of rollers should I use for strong and lasting curls?
What should I do with my cowlicks?
Whenever I put my hair up I have all these little hairs sticking out everywhere.
Where can I find plastic coated rollers?
Which product would be better to use for a long lasting ponytail with spiral curls?
Will rubber bands hurt a little girl's hair?
Why does the hair need to be cooled before dressing it?
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