Q: Hi, I was admiring your website, and love the pictures included with the descriptions of techniques. I do have one question though, what type of rollers are you using in the long hair/soft curls? Velcro? I cannot tell from the picture, thanks!
A: The rollers used in our long hair roller set demonstration are called magnetic rollers. They are simply plastic cylinders with venting holes designed for use in wet setting the hair. The rollers are best used with a styling gel or setting lotion and must be secured using roller clips.
Of course, the same effect - creating soft, romantic curls in long hair - can be achieved using other roller types. The thing to remember is to use the largest rollers you can and follow the specific styling techniques that accompany those tools.
For hot rollers, remember to start with clean, dry hair, and for Velcro rollers you also need clean, dry hair then wrap the hair, mist with product or water, and sit under a dryer until the hair is dry again.
The biggest benefit of using magnetic rollers for a wet set is that it creates the strongest and longest-lasting curls.
Photo: White Space Ukraine/Shutterstock
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