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Manage Cowlicks and Whorls

Q: I have cowlicks, and I don't know how to make them go away. What should I do with them, or what product should I use?
A: Growth patterns like cowlicks and whorls are often aggravating for those who have them (and for the stylists who must deal with them in cutting and styling the hair). Stylists are trained to take such growth patterns into consideration when creating a hairstyle for an individual.
Hair with a cowlick
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The difficult thing about cowlicks is that this is the way the hair grows, so no matter what you do, it will only be a "temporary" solution. Unfortunately, there is nothing to make them "go away". You can only manage them, and find a stylist who can help you create a style to make them work to your advantage (or at least minimize the detriment).
As for products, you'll need to use strong hold hair gels or pomades (wax-based products that offer extra strong hold). Depending on the length of your hair and the hairstyle you have, you can use flat irons or curling irons to affect a temporary change in the wave and direct the hair in the way you want it to go.
I highly recommend you talk to your stylist about your hairstyle and see if you can't find a style that will either make use of the cowlicks, or will allow you to mask them or minimize them.
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