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Make Hair Droop Down

Q: Hi. I am an Asian male and I noticed a lot of Asian men's hair is "puffy." In other words, I mean it tends to stick out instead of drooping down. Like after I take a shower it kind of looks like an afro. Is there any suggestion on what kind of product I should use to make my hair droop down? Please help.
A: The effect you are talking about is a result of the hair’s texture and very likely density, acting in concert to make the hair stand up. The thicker the hair shaft is, the stronger it will be and the longer the hair will generally need to grow before the weight of the hair itself will pull it down to lie close to the scalp. When the hair is dense (having a large number of hairs per square inch) as well, the hairs lend each other added support and make for even more needed length in order to have the hair lie down.
Asian man with long straight hair
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Dealing with this – particularly if you want to create a style in which the hair “droops” or hangs into the face – requires using a product (or products) to give the hair added weight. For some people, this can be as simple as adding an anti-frizz serum, a styling gel and/or pomade/wax to make the hair heavier, and therefore better able to hang as desired.
Some people prefer to take a more long-lasting approach and will use a thio-relaxer on their hair to soften the hair and re-arrange the chemical side bonds so that the hair will lie down. This thio-relaxer is essentially a perm without any tools being used. The “relaxer” will break the chemical side bonds and reform them in a more relaxed position, which means that the hair doesn’t “stand out” so much.
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