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Bob cut with hair that falls in the face
Q: Here's my dilemma. My hair is thick and somewhat wavy and although I seem to look best in pictures with it layered and shorter, I find it easier to manage in a long layered bob. My main issue is the fact that because my hairline is slightly low, my hair is always falling in my face. I have had the baby bangs thing done to me so often, I am afraid of cutting bangs.
What do I do to face frame my hair so it won't fall in my face? (To complicate things a little further, it seems my most natural part is a little off center.) Also, I have tried the irregular zigzag part thing and it doesn't seem to help. Wrapping the hair around my ear looks awful in pictures so I had the side cut a little shorter and it is even worse falling in my face. Please Help!

A: It sounds as though the main problem you are experiencing is a conflict between the desire to look good and have a serviceable style. If you want to find some keep your hair longer (in the bangs area especially) yet keep the hair from your face, the easiest solution is to use hair accessories.
It's impossible for me to make suggestions of hairstyles for you in this forum. I simply don't have enough information to go on to be able to make an accurate assessment of what would be flattering for you. However, you might consider styling your hair with a side parting, and pull the hair back using a barrette, clip or comb. You could even keep the hairstyle you currently have and incorporate accessories into it to keep the hair out your face.
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