How to Weigh Hair Down

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Q: I'm a male who has had short/neat hair forever. Anyway, I recently decided to start growing it out. The look I want has length down past the ears on the side, and long bangs. When my hair is wet, it's perfectly straight. If I let it dry naturally, it starts to become wavy. Wavier as time passes from my haircut, and my hair gets thick again. If I apply wax (usually the strong kind) on towel-dry hair. It weighs my hair down and keeps it relatively straight (well, straight enough).
The cut I want has very long layers no doubt, and I'm only about half the way there (layer length wise). So I was wondering, if my thick wavy hair keeps growing, will the length weigh down my hair? I'm hoping this will happen, as my hair also gets very poofy sometimes. Can you perhaps, too, recommend what products I should use? I've been using a 'naturals' type shampoo and conditioner for years, but I'm starting to think I may also need a different shampoo/conditioner. Hope you can help.

A: It sounds as though your hair has a lot of body and structure. If the use of some styling wax adds sufficient weight at these shorter lengths, there is a good likelihood that growing the hair out will result in the hair behaving more the way you want.
In the meantime, if you feel that your shampoo and conditioner are "too light" I can recommend that you use formulas designed for "smooth" or "straight" hairstyles. These tend to contain silicone and derivatives which can lead to smoother, sleeker hair and which weigh the hair down more giving more control and flexibility.
If, in the long run, your hair is still too wavy and buoyant when it reaches the length you desire, you may want to talk to a stylist about having your hair chemically straightened. Even a basic thio straightener can help to give you smoother, straighter hair.
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