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Flat Lifeless Thin Hair

Q: I have very long hair a third way down my back, it is still fairly thick on the mid lengths and ends although due to coloring and heating equipment the hair is in need of some treatment. My question is, before I started growing my hair this long it was thick all over I had a lot more body on my scalp but now with my hair so long it seems to have become thin and flat on my scalp, is this normal for such long hair, or is it just in need of some TLC.
My hair falls out a lot too which I was told was because I had such long hair, I have never used brushes on my hair and especially when wet on the rarest of occasions have I done this, I don't use any products except in the last year when I had a fringe cut I used hair spray, I shampoo and condition my hair every night, with a repair conditioner, because my hair is so long and thick I do use a hair dryer to dry it nearly every night, and this has been for the last 3-4yrs.
Really I am just worried about my flat lifeless thin hair on my scalp I want the body back in it, it looks weird to have such thick hair at the bottom and thin hair on top it is usually the other way around. What can I do, do I need to cut my hair so it is not pulling on the roots and dragging it down so much?

A: It sounds like what you're encountering is the problem that your hair has enough length that it weighs down the body in your hair. This is the cause for your hair lying flat along your scalp. That compression of the previously experienced fullness is also likely contributing to a feeling that the hair has become thinner in that area as well.
As for the hair fall you describe, I'm not sure that I would attribute it to the length of your hair. I know many women who have long thick hair and don't experience any more hair fall than is typical. If, however, your hair loss is accompanied by irritation of the scalp, then you should talk to your doctor about the issue.
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In order to reclaim some of the body you are missing, I would recommend that you consider a change in your style. Perhaps you can have your stylist add some layers into your hair in order to relieve some of the weight on the top section. You might also invest in some soft sponge rollers and try wrapping your damp hair on them at night before bed. You can then wake in the morning with a head of curls and can comb them out or wear them tight as you see fit.
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