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Blow Out Hair

Q: What exactly is a 'blowout'? Could you send me some pictures or some helpful websites? Thanks!
A: Rather than being a specific hairstyle, a "blowout" is actually a term referring to the technique of styling the hair using a blow dryer (and usually a round brush). Some salons specifically offer a "Basic Blow Out" as a menu item for customers, while others just consider it to be an included step in the styling process, depending on the style the client is looking to have.
You can take a look at virtually any magazine and find images where 80-90% of the hairstyles shown are "blow out" styles.
Blow drying the hair is great for adding volume and fullness to the hair (especially long hair) and giving lift at the scalp area. We have several articles featuring tips on blow drying the hair and you can see them here.
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