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Maintaining & Taking Down an Up Style

Q: What after-care advice can I give my client after an up style for maintaining the style - for removing pins - for removing ornamentation and removing backcombing? Please help!
A: Generally speaking, up-styles are designed for single occasion wear. When an up-style is needed to last for a period longer than a single evening or past a sleeping period, these needs have to be taken into consideration during the creation of the style. Use braiding and other structural elements to make the hairstyle stable - such as foam tools for wrapping the hair and creating twists and buns.
If the style has been created to be structurally stable, you can simply instruct the client to wrap the hair in a silk scarf before bed and try to sleep in a position to insure minimal tossing and turning.
updo with a knot in the nape area
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As for taking down an up-style after an event, when you want to help the client prevent damage to the hair from trying to remove the style improperly, you need to make sure to keep the client informed of the steps you take to create the style. Show her where you have inserted pins and how they are placed - whether they're independently-placed, or anchored to one another. Show her what areas are backcombed and explain the need to use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner on the hair to help ease the removal of the backcombing.
If you've used special tools or ornaments in creating the style, explain how you've inserted them, so that the client understands how to reverse the process when it comes time to remove the style. Be sure to remind the client to use a wide-tooth comb in order to take down and comb-out an up-style. Once the initial styling has been taken down and the hair is loose, use a brush to further smooth the hair and remove any tangles.
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