Plastic Coated Rollers

Plastic rollers for hair
Q: I've just seen your photo for the long hair roller set. I'm looking for those plastic coated rollers. I don't want hot rollers or rollers with the brush in them. I'm looking for smooth plastic coated rollers, please help. In your picture you show how to set long hair for curls and fullness. Thank you.
A: My best recommendation is for you to visit your local beauty supply store. They should have them available in a set that features rollers of varying sizes (all denoted by a specific color).
The wet set rollers are also called "magnetic" rollers, although I'm not sure why as there are no magnets involved in their use or composition. They are simply plastic cylinders with holes spaced along the length and occasionally texturing on the ends to ensure ease of grip.
These magnetic rollers are the kind used by cosmetology students and, in fact, the set you see in the photos of the "long hair roller set" are from my original school kit from years ago. They are durable, easily cleanable, and you can use them for years. When they get product build-up, simply place them in a sink with some dish liquid and soak them. Then rinse and allow them to dry or zip them up in a lingerie bag and toss them into the washer with a load of towels. Don't put them in the dryer, though.
If you don't find them at your local beauty supply store, you can go here to find the rollers you see in the photos. Another place to find the magnetic rollers is at local beauty schools and possibly the bookstores of colleges and trade schools that offer Cosmetology programs.
Most of the beauty schools carry a line of products and supplies that the students need, and the campus bookstores at schools with Cosmetology programs will carry items needed for all the school departments. Our campus bookstore not only carried most of the items we used in our cosmetology classes, but also had better pricing on many of the items they carried that were available in retail outlets.
I'm sure you'll find the magnetic rollers with little trouble, and I hope you enjoy using them. If you have any more questions once you start using them, feel free to ask.
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