Add Height to Your Crown

Bob haircut for a round face
Photo: Chris Tefme/Shutterstock
Q: What can I do to add height to my crown with my round face?
A: With any hair, the key to adding height is volume. This can be achieved in a number of ways. You can style the hair to have lift at the scalp area of the hair shafts. This can be done using root lift sprays and blow-drying the hair while holding the hair out from the scalp.
You may want to try drying your hair with your head inverted to maximize the lift effect. You can also opt for a "root-lift perm" which is great for adding volume and height to shorter hairstyles when they tend to fall flat.
You can also add height using curls. Roll the hair using on-base placement for maximum volume and style the hair as you desire.
As you are dealing with a round face, you will want to style the hair so that there is little or no volume on the sides, and possibly some added length to create a vertical "line" for the eye and elongate the silhouette of the face.
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