Straightening Hair Q&A (2)

Woman who is combing her long straight hair
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Does long hair need less straightening?
Does mayo really help straighten your hair?
Do pregnancy and bio ionic straightening go together?
Do you really not recommend using Japanese Thermal Straightening on African hair?
Do you think permanently straightening your hair is worth the money and time?
Half way through the day my hair will not stay flat and flick out. Any tips?
How badly will straightening damage my hair if I do it more than 2 times a week?
How can I get my hair from being wavy to being straight again?
How can I get my straight hair back without heat styling?
How can I get rid of my straight perm?
How can I keep my freshly straightened hair straight while sleeping?
How can I make mixed-race hair a bit smoother?
How can I prevent static hair when I straighten it with a flat iron?
How can I straighten my hair without a flat iron or chemicals?
How can I straighten my Indian hair with minimal or no damage?
How can I straighten my permed hair?
How can I straighten really, really curly African hair?
How can I straighten short wavy hair?
How much damage would an anti-perm cause?
How often should I use heat protectant with my flat iron?
How safe and how effective is the Caribbean Dream Relaxer?
How soon after thermal restructuring can I color my hair?
How soon can I do the thermal straightening over relaxer or color?
How soon after thermal straightening can I wash/wet/style my hair?
If I straighten my hair, will my hair ever be as curly as it was if I scrunch it?
If I use a home straightening kit, would I apply the cream only to the new growth?
If I was to straighten my hair, would it be very straight or can I choose the levels?
If you wash your hair, will the part that was treated by the thermal restructuring curl?
I have a client who doesn't like the idea of the re-growth after straightening her hair.
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