Pregnancy and Straightening Kit

Ogilvie hair straightener
Q: I have long (mid-back when curly), thick, curly hair. I want to use the Ogilvie kit, but am not sure if I'll have enough product. Is it safe to buy two and mix them together? And does it matter if I'm pregnant (2nd trimester)? Thanks a lot.
A: As long as you buy two of the very same product, you should be fine. When a salon has a client with extremely long hair they often have to use multiple chemical kits for chemical services such as perms. This would be the same principle.
As for your pregnancy, there may be some reactions that you don't expect because of changes in your level of sensitivity during pregnancy. Hormone levels and altered body chemistry can mean that your sense of smell, and skin sensitivities are increased as a result of the state of pregnancy.
You should be sure to perform a patch test on yourself prior full use of the product. Using a cotton swab, lightly dab a small dot of the product(s) onto your skin in an inconspicuous place (usually behind the ear or in the crook of the elbow) and allow it to sit for 24 hours. Keep a watch on the areas that were exposed to the product for signs of irritation or reaction.
If there is any sign of sensitivity to the product(s) then do not use them. Period. If you have a reaction to a tiny amount of the product, then you will experience a much greater reaction to full exposure.
Another potential problem, though to a lesser degree of seriousness, is the possibility that you will be overly sensitive to the odor of the chemicals in the product. Many pregnant women experienced an increase in sensitivity to harsh odors and chemical smells. Many chemical texture products have very stong odors associated with them and these can be truly intolerable to some pregnant women.
In order to test for this I suggest removing the caps from the products and leave them sitting on a tabletop a few feet away for 20-30 minutes. This will enable you to gauge how much the odor will affect you.
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