Hydroxide Relaxer & Hair Straightening Kit

Relaxed black hair
Photo: Cheryl Savan/Shutterstock
Q: Three months ago my hair was relaxed with Revlon Creme Relaxer (super strength) at a salon. Do Revlon relaxers contain hydroxides or guanidine carbonate because I would now like to use Ogilvie's Conditioning Hair Straightener Home Kit on my new hair growth?
If I can't mix Ogilvie and Revlon, please let me know if Revlon sells home relaxer kits? My main interest in Ogilvie is that it only requires two steps. Thank you.

A: The Revlon Crème Relaxer you named DOES contain sodium hydroxide as one of its key ingredients. Therefore, you CANNOT use the Ogilvie Hair Straightener on top of this product without risking serious damage to your hair.
I did, however, find that Revlon does make a version of their Crème Relaxer for home purchase and use. You want to look for a product called: REVLON Realistic Extra Conditioning Creme Relaxer System. The kit contains the products needed for one full application of relaxer.
Be sure to follow the directions included in the kit CAREFULLY. You may also want to enlist the aid of a friend since you are going to want to apply the relaxer to the new growth of hair only, and you may find it difficult to be accurate working on your own head. Avoid overlapping the previously relaxed portions of the hair to prevent over-processing and possible breakage.
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