Partial Bio Ionic Straightening

Long hair with straightened bangs
Photo: Serhiy Kobyakov/Shutterstock
Q: I have been doing a lot of research about Bio Ionic Permanent Hair Straightening as I would like to get it done. What I am thinking though is just getting my bangs done. I have lots of fine frizzy very dry hair and a cow lick in my bangs (it parts in the middle) that requires me to have long bangs and use hair straightening tongs often.
So what I am asking is - do you know if you can just get your bangs done? Do you think Bio Ionic could get rid of my cow lick if when performing the procedure they use the straightener the opposite way?

A: You certainly "could" simply have any section of your hair treated with the Bio Ionic Straightening system. In theory it would be no different than having a partial perm, or getting partial highlighting and targeted color services. Salons perform these sorts of partial area services all the time.
That being said, it depends on what your particular salon's policy is regarding the Bio Ionic Straightening. Because of this you probably should speak to the stylist/manager of the salon where you plan to have your hair done, to see if they are willing to perform a partial area service (if they don't offer it already) and what the pros and cons would be of doing so.
You may not want to do only your fringe area if the results will be conspicuous in comparison to the rest of your hair. So, talk to the stylist who will be performing the service and get an assessment of the projected results for your specific hair type.
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