Straightening and Perm Kit Solutions

Hair straightening kit
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Q: Does a straightening kit have the same solutions as a perm kit?
A: Some do. It really all depends on the specific straightening kit. In some cases, the straightening kit is identical to a permanent wave kit, with the exception that there is no intention for the use of perm rods to wrap the hair.
Other straighteners may use ingredients like sodium hydroxide to break the side bonds that hold the hair in curly wave patterns. The specific formulations vary from brand to brand and each has its own benefits and negatives.
The reason the specific formulation is important, is that some formulas cannot be used on top of other formulas because the ingredients are incompatible.
For example: a straightening kit containing sodium hydroxide (or other hydroxide agents) as the straightening agent cannot be used on hair that has been permed. Likewise, hair straighteners that use thio-based formulas cannot be used on hair that has been relaxed using hydroxide relaxers. To do so in either case can and usually does result in dramatic damage to the hair.
Before you have any straightening process performed make certain you let your stylist know about ANY and ALL chemical products you have used on your hair. This includes hair color formulas and any retexturing processes.
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