Undo Hair Straightening

Woman with very straight hair
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Q: I got hair straightening done at the salon, but I am unhappy with the way it looks. It doesn't suit my face at all. The treatment used was L'Oréal Extenso.
Can I undo the effect? I am asked not to wash my hair for 3 days, what if I wash it immediately? Will the effect lessen by frequent washes? Please suggest.

A: No. Do not ignore your stylist's instructions. These instructions are designed to help protect the hair while it returns to its normal balance after a chemical service. Washing the hair before the stylist recommends can cause the hair to dry out or possibly lead to some measure of damage.
Your best course of action is to return to the salon and speak to the stylist about what you dislike with the service. The Extenso service is one that can be "reversed" with other texture services if you want to have curl again, but you really must communicate clearly about what you want from the service to make sure the stylist knows clearly what you have in mind. This way you can prevent going through any more dissatisfactory services.
Just remember, the instructions your stylist gives you for aftercare from services has a purpose. When you ignore them, you risk damaging the hair and you invalidate any claim you might have if the service turns bad.
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