Straighten Permed Hair

Girl with permed hair
Photo: Borysevych/Shutterstock
Q: I had my hair permed 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and I hate it. Is it safe to use a home straightening kit now or should I wait a couple more weeks (or months)?
A: Provided that your hair hasn't been overstressed or damaged by the perming process, you should be fine to use a straightening kit at this point. If your hair does show some signs of damage, I would give your hair some extra time to recover. In the interim, give yourself deep-conditioning treatments.
Be sure to pay close attention to the directions on the package and follow them closely. If you are concerned that your hair has been damaged and are unsure about how the straightening will work, give yourself a strand test before applying the product all over the head. This will allow you to both assure that the hair will withstand the straightening and help you to confirm the timing of the processes.
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