Bio Ionic Hair Straightening

Bio ionic curling iron
Q: I have gotten the bio ionic hair straightening treatment done. I was wondering whether or not I could use the bio ionic straightening iron and the bio ionic curling iron on my hair?
Will the curl stay? Will it damage the hair if I use any kind of curling iron or straightening iron that isn't a bio ionic product?
I was wondering because of prom. I know it's a ways away, but my mom is already making hair appointments and we aren't sure about this? Please Help Us!

A: I spoke with a Customer Service/Technical representative for Bio Ionic Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, and she assures me that as long as you have passed your initial 72-hour waiting period after having your straightening service done, you can feel free to style it as desired.
You say that you have the Bio Ionic straightening iron and curling iron, which the representative said meant that you should be safe to style your hair in whatever way suited you. (She specified that if you didn't have to have those specific appliances, but that they were designed to be gentle enough to the processed hair as to require little extra protective treatments in styling.)
I suggest that when you make your plans to get your prom styling, that you go back to the salon where you had your straightening done - since they will have the proper appliances - or you be sure to take your curling and straightening iron with you so that the stylist has appliances you know are designed to be used on your hair.
Just a note: The representative at Bio Ionic was very helpful. They have a specific department to help you answer any questions you may have.
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