Wet-to-Dry Hair Straightener

Remington wet to dry straightener
Q: I have mixed hair. I recently purchased a wet to dry straightener that claims to do the following, "Especially designed - but not limited to - accommodate wet hair, the Wet-or-Dry utilizes a special channel and vent system that evaporates excess water and transforms hair into shiny super-smooth locks straight out of the shower. Boosted with the superior negative ionic and far infrared technology of genuine tourmaline, the Wet-or-Dry locks in moisture and long-lasting glossiness while drying hair to a perfectly set finish."
My hair feels less dry and brittle after use than when I use a traditional straightener on dry hair. Is this "new technology" appropriate for mixed hair or too good to be true?

A: From everything I've seen and read about these new "wet to dry" appliances, they are perfectly suited to all hair types, although you should always use caution with any thermal styling appliances. Make sure to examine the hair daily for signs of stress and potential damage from styling.
According to the theory, ionic technology creates negative ions and helps to close the cuticle layer of the hair, while infrared radiation penetrates more deeply into the hair and warms the hair more gently, allowing for greater penetration and effect from less heat. The result is that the hair is less stressed by the processing and is left shinier, silkier and more healthy that with traditional flat-iron styling.
You should still make use of your pre-styling protections, like leave-in conditioners and smoothing balms. You should also be careful to read the packaging and instructions that come with the appliance you are planning to use, so that you can follow any additional guidelines that are recommended.
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