Color & Hair Straightening Home Kit

Ogilvie hair straightener
Q: I color-treat my hair every four to five weeks. Use L'Oreal or Nice n' Easy products, do not highlight. Can an Ogilvie hair straightening home kit be used on color treated hair? Thanks.
A: You should be safe using the straightening product on your hair as long as you haven't used any previous relaxer containing hydroxides or any hair color with metallic based dyes. However, before using the product, be sure to read the packaging instructions and warnings carefully to be assured of any other potential conflicts you may have.
Although the product is gentler than other hair straightening systems, you should always be sure to do a strand test prior to doing a "whole head" application, to make certain that you know what kind of results to expect. (This can also mean the difference between being disappointed that your hair isn't suited to the product and being devastated that you've ruined your hair.)
To perform the strand test, either cut a thin lock of hair from an inconspicuous area of the scalp (generally behind the ear at the nape area of the neck) or segregate a lock of hair to be able to treat it while attached. It is generally easier to do the test with a removed lock of hair. Process the lock of hair as directed by the product instructions and make note of the length of time the processing takes and the results achieved.
This can show you if you need to lessen the processing time, and whether the hair will respond well to the product. After the test, be sure to dry the hair and check it for any signs of damage. If the hair looks to be in good condition, and the results are what you desired, you can feel safe in going ahead with the process on your own hair.
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