Straightening Iron & Color Intensity

Straightening colored hair
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Q: I color my hair (which is naturally gray) and have been straightening it about every other day. I have been using a good moisturizing shampoo and thermal protector before I straighten it. But I have noticed that the color is fading faster. Could it be the use of the straightening iron that is affecting the color intensity? Thanks.
A: It is possible that the frequent heat styling has caused the cuticle layer to open and the color to disperse faster. Or, it could simply be a matter of the hair being more porous as a result of repeated color processes.
You might want to try one of the new shampoos and conditioner formulas that are designed to revitalize and prolong the life of your hair color. You could also consider having a clearcoat gloss application performed.
It works just like hair color, but instead of depositing pigments, it deposits shining agents that help to seal the cuticle layer and make the hair glossy and shiny. The clear-gloss application can help to prolong your color and will definitely add shine and luster to the hair.
If you are concerned about the straightening iron causing damage, make sure you are using the lowest possible heat setting on the iron for it to still be effective. If your hair is indeed more porous now, a lower temperature will still work to make the hair straight and smooth.
Just be sure to look for other signs of damage, such as split ends, frizz, and dryness in freshly washed and dried hair.
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