Perms Q&A (7)

Hair with perming for curls
When can I shampoo and color a perm?
What is an appropriate age for a girl to get a perm?
What is an organic perm?
What is a digital perm?
What is a foil perm?
What is a root perm?
What is a spot perm and how do you wrap it?
When I perm elderly nursing home patients with thin hair it never lasts long.
When I wrap a perm, do I roll upward or down with the rods?
When should you start to time the perm processing time?
When wrapping a spiral perm, how should the rods be turned?
Where can I find a rodless perm system?
Why did the cotton band that was wrapped under the curlers discolor?
Why is the bottom of my daughter's hair still straight after getting a perm?
Will a body wave change the structure of my new hair growth forever?
Will a bone density test affect my perm?
Will antibiotics interfere with the outcome of a perm?
Will a perm grow out or fall out?
Will humidity affect a perm?
Will my bleached and damaged hair break off if I get it permed?
Will my curls go away if I trim my long permed hair?
Will my menopausal night sweats have an effect on my permed and colored hair?
Will my permed hair break when I braid it?
Will perm rods give the same size of curls as my curling iron?
Will plastic rollers damage my hair when I give myself a perm?
Will sweat affect a perm?
Will using a cold perm on my digitally permed hair damage my hair?
Would a perm be a good idea for a "scrunch and go" look for bra strap length hair?
Would I be able to get my hair re-permed to be tight curls again?
Would I be able to keep my side bangs when I get a perm?
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