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Rollers not Staying in Place

Q: Every time I give myself a perm the front top rollers twist and are not staying in place so the outcome is a very crooked wave in the front of my head. The perm rods I have are okay for the rest of my head but not the front top. What other rollers can I use? I bought 6 plastic no teeth rollers and plastic clips which would hold so much better. Can I use those just on the front top? Please answer, since I wont give myself a perm until I know if plastic rollers wont damage my hair. Thank you very much!
A: Sure ... as long as the rollers and clips are plastic they should present no interaction problems. The things to remember about perming the hair are:
A) the tools determine the size of the curl and the larger the tool you use is, the larger the wave that will be put into the hair; and
B) the hair must be wound around the tool with some tension in order to get a good curl, a weak wrap on the tool will result in a looser wave.
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But the use of alternative tools is one of the key ways to create new and different looks for your hair. Some salons use different "tools" to perm the hair and create new and interesting looks. These "specialty perms" are often more expensive than their traditional counterparts and can demand as much as twice what a regular perm service costs, depending on what is used in the process.
So, keeping these things in mind, you should feel free to use the plastic tools without fear of damaging your hair. Just make sure to secure the clips carefully so that you avoid creating kinks in the hair where the clips are applied. And remember that if the plastic rollers are much larger in diameter than the perm rods you have used on the other parts of the hair, the wave will be much looser and the curls will be larger.
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