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Perm Rod & Curling Iron

Q: I have really been thinking about getting a perm. I have long, dark brown hair that I curl everyday or straighten. It does not look good if I just leave it natural. So I figure since I curl it and rarely straighten it that I'd get a perm. I want something with curl but not too much since I do have a round heavy face.
I use a 1 1/4" barrel right now, would it be naive to ask my stylist to use the same size in a rod and believe that I'd get the same kind of curl I get with a curling iron? I love the curl that I get with that size curling iron and would love to achieve this look and not spend so much time doing it in the morning. If that isn't possible, what are your suggestions?

A: It all depends on the perm formula you use and the texture and length of the hair you are dealing with. Your stylist can best help you understand what results you can expect and whether the look you want is achievable with a simple perm service and minimal daily styling. If you have the right type of hair, you could get a firm alkaline perm and possibly get a head full of curls that are exactly what you want.
Just remember that your curl results depend on a lot of factors. The cut of the hair, length of the hair, the density of the hair, the texture of the hair and the porosity and elasticity of the hair all contribute to the results of a perm service as much as the perm formula itself. Any curl created can be pulled out by the weight of the hair.
My best suggestion is that you talk to your stylist about exactly what you want from your hair. He or she can advise you as to whether a perm service will give you the ease of styling and results you want. In fact, I'm certain that a good stylist can more than likely help you achieve a style you can not only live with, but one that you'll love.
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