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Body Wave & New Hair Growth

Q: I got a body wave with the largest rods they had, and it is very loose. I would like to know how long it will take for my hair to go back to normal. I naturally have very healthy, extremely straight, beautiful hair. Will the wave change the structure of my new hair growth forever, or is it just the hair that I got the wave done on, and will the new hair growth be just as it was before?
A: Chemical texture services, such as straightening, body waves and permanent waves only affect the hair that has emerged from the scalp. This is why these services require retouches. The only time there is a permanent change in the texture and wave pattern of the hair is in rare cases of damage to the scalp (and subsequently the hair follicles).
As your hair's new growth emerges from the scalp it will follow your natural growth pattern as far as wave and texture. Occasionally, some people discover that their hair seems different after having processes like these (or after cutting off dramatic amounts of hair - as in shaving or buzz cuts) this generally reflects a natural shift in the hair caused by maturation or aging that becomes more apparent because of the demarcation apparent between the two looks of the hair.
On the downside, a properly completed body wave will remain in the portion of the hair that has been treated for the remaining life of the hair. There will of course be some lessening of the wave as a result of wear and tear, but the hair in general will never be the way it was before without further processing to reverse the effects. Some women opt to have a straightening service to return to their naturally straight state, while other prefer to let the hair grow out and remove it through trimming.
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