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"Scrunch and Go" Hairstyle

Q: I have learned a lot from reading the questions and answers on the perm page. I am 39 and need to look a bit more grown up since I've always had long straight hair, and am looking for a change. The catch is: I don't think I am ready to cut my hair. It's at my bra strap now, one length, highlighted, fine and fairly thick. I am considering a very loose body wave and long layers. It doesn't hold curl at all if I use hot rollers or a curling iron.
I need something that is easy, doesn't require much hair "know how" or styling. I get ready quickly in the mornings and am hoping to scrunch hair and get some life to it.
Does this sound like a good option for me? Also, would some sort of bang/fringe be a good change? Thanks for your help and this service you offer!

A: Well, layers are a good way to get a change in your style without losing your overall length, and properly cut, a long-layered style can give you a very versatile look. There is of course, no way for me to give you any specific advice or opinion on what specifically will work for you. I would need to be able to see your hair and facial structure to make a proper assessment, but that’s going to be something you’ll look to your stylist for anyway.
The long layered cut is one that will work for a wider range of persons – from straight to curly styles. It also works for medium to coarse hair types. It is especially good for wavy hair types who need to evenly distribute the volume and bulk in their hair. This will be needed if you get a perm of even ‘body wave’ level as adding curl to a blunt cut will typically result in a pyramid-like shape forming from the curled hair.
You will want to be specific with your stylist about the results you are looking for from the services you are receiving. A body wave generally creates large, soft waves in the hair, but the hair usually needs to be “styled” to create any actual curl. The good news is that the perm service will help make your hair hold a curl better than previously it would. But if what you want is a “scrunch and go” style, be sure to express that to your stylist and ask for his or her opinion on how best to achieve that kind of look.
The same principles apply to choosing a fringe vs. non-fringe style. Fringe is great for balancing disproportional features, but again, it depends on your needs, personal taste and the balance of your facial features.
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