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Side Bangs and Perm

Q: I want to get a perm for my hair to make it easier to handle. I have side bangs, and I think I want to keep them. Would I be able to keep my bangs when I get a perm? Or would it be a better idea to grow them out for the perm?
A: The beauty of the perm service is that it is almost infinitely customizable. You can adapt the perm to suit whatever hairstyle you choose. You might opt to use large tools on the side bangs so that you only give them a gentle curve and added body while adding more clearly-defined curl to the rest of the style. Or, you could simply decide to exclude the bangs from the perming process and target your added curl in other areas.
Modern perming techniques mean that the hair can be transformed in myriad ways. By adjusting the size and shape of the tools being used you can create everything from tight spiral curls to large soft waves. You can add curl where none existed previously, or reshape the curl you already have. The limits are only bounded by your imagination and the skill of your stylist.
That is the key factor. Talk to your stylist about what you want to gain from your perm service and discuss the options available to you, and the techniques with which he or she is experienced.
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