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Rodless Perm

Q: I am trying to find a rodless perm system. I had a perm using this system and it was the best perm I ever had. Where can I find this system?
A: The only “Rodless Perm” I’ve ever encountered was billed as a “European Rodless Perm” and was simply a Thio Straightening service. The service used a traditional permanent waving formula without wrapping the hair on tools. Instead, the hair was carefully combed out straight repeatedly to draw out the curl in the hair and get a straighter result.
I have seen references to patent applications for a permanent wave gel that is designed to be used to wave the hair without rods, but this is only in the embryonic stage of development and isn’t something you could have had before (at least, not this particular product).
Frankly, I am at a loss. Without knowing the specifics of what was done to your hair previously in this “rodless perm system”, I cannot know whether the name you use for it actually represents a process or technique I know by another name. This is a common problem in the hairstyling industry.
There’s also the likely possibility that the service you had before was a variant of the traditional permanent wave service, where the stylist uses non-traditional wrapping methods to get different results. Again, I don’t have enough information to make a determination.
At this point, my best suggestion is to try and contact the source of your initial “rodless perm” and ask about specifics (formula name, other names the service might be called, etc.) and use that as a spring board to find another salon/stylist that can help you repeat the service.
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