Perm and Humidity

Permed hair and humidity
Photo: Progressman/Shutterstock
Q: Will humidity affect a perm? I know that humidity can affect naturally curly hair, but will it affect permed curls too?
A: Yes. Since the perming process often causes the cuticle layer to be expanded leaving the hair more porous, it can be more vulnerable to the effects of humidity.
The result of the humidity is usually a slight deflation of the curls in the cases of high-volume styles, or something a frizzing effect in styles where the curls are groomed to be sleek and smooth.
As mentioned in other areas, certain products can help combat the effects of humidity, such as silicone-based styling products and hairspray lightly misted over a finished style. If you're unsure about how to handle problems with humidity and your permed hair, ask your stylist what he or she recommends.
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