Organic Perm

Perming hair
Q: What is an organic perm?
A: An organic perm is a relatively new procedure for curling and straightening the hair that is a little bit of a misnomer.
Without bogging you down in the chemistry lessons involved. The formulas use simpler, naturally occurring compounds (or those used in biochemical and pharmaceutical processes) to break the disulfide bonds in the hair and reform them into new configurations.
A common compound found in new organic perms is Cysteamine HCl. This compound works to effect the disulfide bonds in the hair with cystine (said bonds are what gives the hair its strength, elasticity and wave pattern).
While the compound is organic, it is noteworthy that the cystine in the compound is similar to cysteine which is a thiol, though cysteine must be biosynthesized in the human body.
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