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Digital Perm

Q: I have been surfing some Asian websites today and I saw the term "digital perm" often. What is a digital perm?
A: The digital perm is a renovation of an old idea. One of the earliest methods of "permanent waving" used metal rods through which electric current was run to heat them, with chemical solutions applied in order to create "permanent waves" in the hair. The process was cumbersome, and often severely damaging to the hair.
digital perm

However, modern technology has revisited the idea in light of the advances made in chemical texture services with Japanese Thermal Restructuring techniques. The new "Digital Perms" use specially devised equipment that are combined with specially formulated waving solutions to combine chemical and thermal waving techniques to give smoother, healthier waves. The heat application is controlled and more productive, and the results are smooth, clean waves and curls in the hair.
The look is especially popular among women with long hair and traditionally straight hair types. This has made the process extremely popular in Asia and other regions where straight hair is the ethnic norm. Most digital perm machines come with a wide range of rod sizes, so virtually any permed look is possible.
As with the Japanese Restructuring and Straightening service, you should look for salons that have specially trained technicians before booking this type of appointment. Be sure to do your homework and check out the technician's experience level with Digital Perms and ask to see a portfolio and references.
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